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Hello neighbors! Welcome to my positions page!


The single biggest factor in deciding to pursue the District 46 seat in the House of Representative is my strong desire to work at supporting and strengthening the families and communities of our great state. I believe that we can shape our future to ensure that our children will continue to want to call Wyoming home and that it can be a place of opportunity and welcoming for all people and businesses that seek a great place to live and work.

While there are many opportunities for improvement there are certain areas that I believe would be most beneficial to families and I believe I can contribute to. We start by preparing people for life so that they can create families that build communities that enable us all to achieve our dreams.


All children in Wyoming should have access to a strong, high-quality education which leads to a workforce that attracts desired industries and creates rewarding careers and strong families. In order to achieve that we need to ensure:

  • That our school districts have the appropriate funding needed to provide access to highly qualified teachers, up-to-date curriculums, and buildings and technology that keep our children competitive with the rest of the country
  • That we balance our resources and teacher pay scales to ensure all school districts produce quality education and that our educator’s salaries are competitive to attract the best.
  • That we maintain funding in special education so that our most vulnerable students with disabilities have the resources needed to best prepare them to live their most productive and meaningful lives.
  • That our children are trained in civics and have a comprehensive understanding of all levels of government and learn how to participate in a democracy with civility and respect for all. This would include bringing voter registration to public high schools. I believe it should also include exploring the lowering of the voting age to 16 years.

Health Care

Health should be an inalienable right for all Americans and there are things we can do to enhance our systems:

  • Expand Medicaid in order to increase access for families (see )
  • Expand suicide prevention and awareness efforts
  • Attack the opioid and other addiction problems
  • Remove the stigma from ‘mental health’ issues and appropriately reframe them as ‘health’ issues
  • Include social-emotional health services in insurance benefits and provide continual assistance to families seeking help.
  • Expand medical access and care with innovations such as telehealth.
  • Ensure recognition and protection for all different family arrangements.


Safety of Our Children

Our future lies with our children and we must ensure that they thrive in a safe environment. I will work to ensure:

  • The development of comprehensive crisis response plans
  • That school districts are able to stay within recommended ratios of school counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists.
  • That we all are aware of mandated child abuse reporting laws
  • That society understands the value of moving from a punish-first model and that children understand that we view them as innately good and deserving of positive support and care.
  • And that we review and update laws and sentencing guidelines for crimes committed against children.

The Economy and Workforce

Unlike many states with aging infrastructure, decaying cities, urban crowding, obsolete factories/industries and other maladies associated with 20th century growth, Wyoming is just coming into its own. It is a beautiful state with tremendous resources and tremendous potential. As we continue to grow we don’t need to clean up the old before we build the new. We can identify the industries of the twenty first century, what their infrastructure and workforce needs are and prepare our communities and people to provide attractive, affordable places for these companies to locate. Technology is making the world interconnected and companies want affordable locations with highly trained workforces that are motivated and hardworking – a perfect description of the Wyoming workforce. Some things we need to focus on:

  • Diversifying our industries beyond the traditional energy companies to embrace non-traditional energy companies (e.g., wind and geothermal) as well as non-energy companies.
  • Creating an environment that’s friendly to and supportive of small, locally owned and operated businesses that enables them to expand, increase jobs and increase the tax base of our communities.

These are some of things that we are capable of achieving if we work together for our common good. These are things that are important to me and I would be honored to serve in representing our community to keep us focused and moving forward towards an even more promising future and community. We can do it

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Click on image for information about Wyoming and Medicaid Expansion

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